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3 IN 3!

7th July 2021

We are pleased to announce that a new record has been set within Lerner Associates.

For the first time ever we have achieved three business sales on behalf of our clients within a three week period (and indeed within a month).

Also pleasing is the diversity of functionality and geography amongst these transactions.

The lead up to June and July 2021 has been incredibly busy so kudos and huge thanks to all who provided support on these M&A deals.

Congratulations to our clients, the shareholders of:

Forge - Visitor Management and Access Control solutions - U.K. / U.S. transaction

TILT Property Software - Residential property sales, lettings and management solutions - U.K. (NI) / U.K.-Europe transaction

findspace - Commercial real estate lease marketing and listing platform solution - Canada / U.S. transaction

Onwards and upwards...!


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