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Lerner Associates closes 3 sell-side transactions in 3 months

5th March 2024

We are pleased to announce the closing of three succesful, and diverse, sell-side advisory transactions in each of the past three months.

With transactions often taking a full six months or more from start to finish, it isn't often that we have three completions one after the next, month on month.

Also pleasing is the diversity of both the asset class, client base and lifecycle function that these companies support, as well as the geography amongst these transactions.

  1. A US privately owned and bootstrapped company, with a leading product in the residential lease automation space, going to a US PE backed strategic buyer.

  2. A US privately owned, investor backed, seller, with a commerical office leasing marketplace platform, going to a UK privately owned strategic buyer.

  3. A European privately owned company, backed by Institutional and Venture Capital, going to a US PE backed strategic buyer.

Q3/2023 and Q1/2024 has been incredibly busy for us so kudos and huge thanks to all within the team who provided support on these M&A deals.

Congratulations to our seller clients, their acquirers and investors on both sides.

Onwards and upwards...!


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